Energy Jornada Outline

Jornada - Draft Outline Version 1 - April 2010

Household and small business solutions for sustainable energy use and energy conservation in Xàbia.


1. To determine which types of sustainable energy installation are the most economically viable for local households and small businesses.
e.g. :

  • Solar thermal energy (Energía Solar Térmica)
  • Photovoltaic Solar energy (Energía Solar fotovoltaica)
  • Wind Energy and Hybrid systems (Energía eólica)
  • Heat Pumps (Bombas de calor)
  • Biomass (Biomasa)

2. To be informed about installation, running costs and payback time.

3. To be informed about about grants and tarifs available for installing renewables.

4. To be informed about options for energy conservation, and financial savings.
House Insulation - including options for insulating old houses.
New Building materials


  • Expert from AVEN
  • Representative from Silvasol
  • Architect with expertise in house insulation
  • Constructor with experience in building energy efficient homes.
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