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Jutexpo: http://www.jutexpo.co.uk/

"Jutexpo is committed to the development of products and services that further the creation of an ecologically sustainable future. Together with our partners we take our responsibilities to our staff and customers very seriously. To ensure best practice at all times, we adhere to strict international fair trading regulations, commission regular Ethical and Technical audits and will only source from suppliers and producers who operate under these principles."

Espana/ Spain:

Yute Distribucion S.L Crevillent
(no response to e-mails or phone calls)

Personalbags - Jalon
Main problem was 3 month lead-in for orders. Web site showed mainly bottle bags.

Nov 2009
Just made contact with David Reus - They will be revamping their website and opening a show room and warehouse in Pedreguer soon. Now have a range of high quality shopping bags. We shall be follwoing up this lead.

C/La Virgen, 1 - 03727 - Jalón (Alicante) España.
Tfno. 638 08 99 88 Fax. 96 648 09 20
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