Medio Ambiente - Environment 14

Reunión: 26/07/09

Group meeting: 26/07/09


1. Bolsas de yute

(a) Información sobre la venta de las bolsas. Se publicará en la web

(b) Nuevos puntos de venta: charity shops, preguntar en verdulería puerto

(c) Folleto Imprimir en ayuntamiento

(d) Cartel – terminar para llevar a tiendas colaboradoras

(e) JC. JC ha firmado bolsas. Se hará un collage con fotos para hacer packs con DVDs firmados. Hacer con esto subasta quizá en otoño. También posible hacer acto benéfico con asociación de alzheimer.

(f) Concurso escolar: Proponer concurso para este otoño para hacer logo para las bolsas.

2. Slow food - recordad ayuntamiento de hacer esta charla en otoño.
3. Conferencia aprovechando la presidencia española: propuesta revisada después de hablar con ayuntamiento

Siguiente reunión: seguimiento venta bolsas

La siguiente reunión tendrá lugar: 9 de agosto en Artisano a las 15:30h


1. Jute Bags

(a) Feed back from all on sales. Andreas collected money and up dated chart. N to send details of bags sold (size) to A

(b) New Outlets
Charity shops in Arenal and Iceland - N to take samples and flyers:
Baguette shop in the pueblo, eco greengrocer in the port – G to take samples and flyers:

(c) Flyers – N/G to ask townhall to print them

(d) Poster – I to finish and convert to pdf file, to send to C. N to check English and French and send to I

(e) JC launch. JC has signed bags. C will make collage of pictures, to be made up into packs, with (to be ) signed DVDs. Discussion of ideas of raising money/awareness with packs. Autumn when British expats are back. Also joint fundraiser with Alzheimers disease, using “Away from her”

(f) Schools competition; N proposed competition in schools for the best picture to be printed on bag –on reverse or on front to replace existing. G to discuss idea with councillor.

2. Slow food - G to follow up conference with townhall – September or October.
3. Conference for Spanish Presidency N reported she had sent revised proposal, after discussing with townhall

Items for next meeting: follow up on bag sales

Next meeting: August 9th at Artisano at 15:30h

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