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1. Schools Competition
All entries and names were with Filo Giner; Guiomar to organise printing the posters once the date of the prize-giving was finalised.
2. Foro
A date for April 27th had been set, but the Agenda did not include the issues we had listed. Pepa had been to Alicante at a regional meeting on municipal PALs. She would be describing Alicante campaigns on issues such as recycling. It was hoped another foro could be arranged to address the unresolved issues.
3. Energy Jornada
a) It was agreed that there should be an evening introductory talk, like a foro to start with. An IDAE document circulated by Ulli could be the theme.
c) Talk to take place in the week of June 7th in Casa de Cultura if available
d) Tim to contact Silvasol to help get a guest speaker.
e) Irene to check out IDAE - perhaps they could organise a regional workshop and provide printed documentation.
f) Jornada/ Workshop to be in the autumn - after mid-September. Hopefully organised by IDAE. The event would need to be properly structured and resourced.
g) The possibility of other specialist meetings on sub-topics such as Solar Energy installations, Insulation, Electrodomesticos etc. to be considered.
h) Information to be compiled before the foro next Tuesday and Tim and Guiomar to contact Pepa and discuss the new approach.
4. Administration of PUXS and Mediambiente group
a) Agreed to make all draft minutes available to all PUXS members and guests present at meetings.
b) Agreed to use Google Wave to share information and host discussions. This would avoid clogging e-mail boxes
c) PUXS and the Environment group were pretty much one and the same thing, though it was agreed that we should look at having a one off joining fee of 10 Euros for PUXS membership (next AGM).
d) PUXS to work in collaboration with other activist groups such as XabiaIdea and XabiaViva. We would publicise and support each others activities.
e) Agreed it was desirable to attract more members but acknowledged that small groups get more done.

Items for next meeting:
Energy Jornada

Next meeting
Not fixed - 2nd May subsequently fixed for round table Foro on outstanding issues; Casa de Cultura.
Agenda21 Round Table meeting on Energy Jornada and Montgó Natural Park called for June 30th
and Agenda21 Round Table meeting on Energy Jornada on July 15th

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